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  Mobile filing System
  Have too much to store but don’t have much space? Mobile Filing Systems is the answer. Buy mobile shelving systems from our company and achieve various objectives - get organized, increase storage capacity, reduce safety standards while saving valuable space, and improve employee productivity and morale – all advantageous to your bottom line. Our versatile shelving storage solutions are best in class, economical and perfect for any industry. Plus, the fact that we offer a lifetime product warranty coupled with a 2-year labor warranty (with few exceptions) is just the cherry on top. Be it rotating cabinets or rotary filing cabinets, all of our products are environmentally friendly. So what’s the wait then, drop us an email at sales@mobilefilingsystems.com and get started!
  PO BOX 9220 PO BOX 9220
  888-891-1970 888-891-1970
  sales@mobilefilingsystems.com sales@mobilefilingsystems.com
  http://www.mobilefilingsystems.com/ http://www.mobilefilingsystems.com/
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