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  Simple Forum Rules
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30th Sep 2012, 5:38 AM
Here are a few simple Forum rules that shouldn't be too hard to follow. These rules shouldn't be considered as a bunch of restrictions and warnings but rather as helpful pointers to keep the Forum transparent, clean and as informative as possible. We especially encourage all of you to follow the rule #15.

Before posting an answer make sure to read the previous posts and stay on topic.

Posts should contribute to the topic and if possible supported by valid arguments.

Topic title should make sense and reflect its content. Topic should be created in the section that fits the topic you are creating.

Please do not create topics that already exist, or post the same questions someone else already wrote.

Posts related to the topic that has been deleted will also be removed.

Please do not use more than one username. We most certainly do not allow creating additional profiles in order to raise the chances of winning voting based contests and similar actions.

We will not tolerate anything offensive, hateful, racist, sexist, discriminatory, obscene, vulgar or in violation of local or international laws.

Watch your grammar.

Do not type in caps and do not overdo with smileys/emotions in your posts.

Using foul language is not allowed.

Do not post porn or any other explicit content which is prohibited by the law.

Posting content for advertising purposes is allowed only with the administrator's consent.

Users who will not follow these simple rules will be warned. If the warning will not suffice, their accounts will be blocked.

Moderators and administrators reserve the right to edit and delete the user's content, if the content does not meet our simple Forum rules.

Have fun!

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4th Aug 2018, 8:44 AM
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24th Mar 2020, 3:19 PM
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28th Mar 2020, 3:08 PM

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8th May 2020, 5:41 AM
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20th May 2020, 8:52 AM
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4th Aug 2020, 10:23 AM

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10th Sep 2020, 12:16 PM
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21st Sep 2020, 1:13 PM
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26th Sep 2020, 8:46 AM
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4th Nov 2020, 11:10 PM

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4th Nov 2020, 11:10 PM
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13th Nov 2020, 7:51 AM
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18th Nov 2020, 11:20 AM
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18th Nov 2020, 11:40 AM
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28th Nov 2020, 11:50 AM

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