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German language
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  Getting to know each other
 German language  17th December 2011 | Rate: 3.4 | Author: NikMan
You will introduce yourself, ask for ones name and where they come from and the ever so popular I love you, all this in German.
 German language  11th December 2011 | Rate: 3.3 | Author: NikMan
Languages are based on alphabet. You will learn how to write and pronounce all the letters of German alphabet.
  First steps
 German language  14th December 2011 | Rate: 3.7 | Author: NikMan
Basic words to get familiar with German language for the very first time. You will learn how to say hello, goodbye and similar.
 German language  23rd December 2011 | Rate: 2.8 | Author: NikMan
Family is THE most important thing in the world. Let's learn how to say mom, dad, granny and much more in German language.
  Time and date
 German language  15th December 2011 | Rate: 3.3 | Author: NikMan
Time is money or so they say. But what is certain, it's always good to be able to tell time in German language.
  Food and drinks
 German language  25th December 2011 | Rate: 3.1 | Author: NikMan
Food is good and it's connecting people, so why not learn to pronounce some basic food and drink related items in German language.
  Ordering food and drinks
 German language  30th December 2011 | Rate: 3 | Author: NikMan
To avoid misunderstandings in restaurants and bars, let's learn a few basic food and drink ordering phrases in German language.
  Traveling information
 German language  20th December 2011 | Rate: 3 | Author: NikMan
Ever went to a country where  people you tried to interact with did not speak any other language but their own, German in this case?
  Education and work
 German language  5th January 2012 | Rate: 2.8 | Author: NikMan
Proper education and ability to put the theory is a winning combination when looking for new job, let's learn some basic phrases in German.
  Nature and wildlife
 German language  1st January 2012 | Rate: 3.4 | Author: NikMan
Nature is everything around us, we are nature and we should be doing everything in our power to preserve it. Now let's learn about nature in German language.
German language
Displaying 1-10 of total 10
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