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  The exercise that targets the heart rate and breathing is known as cardiovascular exercises, commonly called cardio or aerobics. If you start your day with a healthy cardio workout routine, it will give you a fresh start and make sure that you remain active throughout the day. If you make a habit of working out for half an hour daily before going to work, there are enumerable benefits that you can't even count. So, why don't we start by highlighting some of these heavenly benefits of regular cardio exercise? Benefits of Regular Cardio Exercises The benefits of the new cardio exercises are uncountable. But still, I made a list for you guys to understand and get to know some of them as efficiently as possible. So without any due, let us jump to them. Good for weight loss A good cardio cuts down excess weight and burns calories. Strengthens the heart As cardio focuses on the heart, it improves the ability to pump blood efficiently. Reduced Depression It helps in improving the body's oxytocin levels. Fights Insomnia It restores the balance between the hormones and thus helps with the natural sleep pattern. Enhances Personality It improves confidence at a significant level, hence brings a drastic positive change in our personality as well. Improves Flexibility Stretching as a warmup before cardio, helps in reducing the rigidity of our body. Cardio also helps with detoxification of the body and thus helps in reducing a number of diseases. While it significantly helps in improving your sexual stamina as well. Some of the cardiovascular exercises. that you should add in your daily workout routine : Skipping/Jumping Rope Burpees Surya Namaskar Jumping Jack Box Jump The list is countless for the exercises, too, as are their benefits. All it asks in return for all these benefits, and a better lifestyle is your time and discipline.
  https://hauteher.com/health-fitness/cardio-exercises/ https://hauteher.com/health-fitness/cardio-exercises/
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