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  Can I install pirate version of Windows over the preload?
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19th Jul 2012, 8:10 AM

I have a great notebook ThinkPad t520 and it's preload sux I really don't like the drivers and apps they have included and everything work slower because of that. I called Microsoft and Lenovo and they told me that preload is the only option, so I don't have a possibility to install clean Windows.

So, I am thinking that I should download pirate version and install it. I have a license and everything, but how serious is it with the law in that scenario?

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19th Jul 2012, 9:29 AM
I think it's considered as same as stealing, if a copy of Windows 7 Professional costs $200 and you are using a pirate copy it's just like you have stolen 200 bucks from Microsoft. I think you would get fined, beats me for how much though.

Damn thing you already have a original Windows and can't use the preload code for a new install. Asked them if you will be able to upgrade to Windows 8 for $40, Microsoft just published the release date: http://www.dreevoo.com/en/forum_post.php....
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11th Aug 2021, 8:31 AM

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