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  Nature: The mystery of sailing stones
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10th Jul 2013, 1:38 AM
Sailing stones, also called sliding or moving rocks is a geological phenomenon where rocks tend to move and leave long tracks into a valley surfaces like deserts without human or animal intervention. The mysterious stones have been observed in locations such as Little Bonnie Clair Playa in Nevada, Death Valley National Park and Racetrack Playa, California.

What makes the stones move, still remains a mystery as the origins of the movement are still not confirmed, regardless the studies already begun in the early 1900's.

What's even more interesting is, the stones move only every two or three years and most tracks develop over three or four years. Rough stones leave straight tracks while the smooth ones often side track. Sometimes the can stone turn over, and starts to leave a differently shaped track.

There have been many theories, why the rocks move ranged from supernatural to extremely complex. One of the possible explanations was strong winds, but then again some of this stones weight as much as a human so it is not very plausible, that the wind is in those areas could be that strong. Recent studies suggest small rafts of ice forming around the stones and when the water rises, the rocks float a bit off the soft bed then winds do the work. But even this theory could not be confirmed. The wandering rocks so still remain one of the head scratching mysteries of our amazing planet.

changed: mat (10th Jul 2013, 2:15 PM)
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10th Jul 2013, 2:26 AM
Great post Kid, forgot all about the funky rocks.
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11th Jul 2013, 5:17 AM
Great article. Is it possibile that we don't understand such mysteries?

Maybe aliens want to communicate finth us and we dont undersand the "language"? )
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22nd Nov 2013, 1:40 AM
Maybe after all, stones are alive.
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