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Traveling information

Ever went to a country where  people you tried to interact with did not speak any other language but their own, Italian in this case?

  Author: NikMan | Category: Italian language | 30th March 2012  

Do you speak Italian?

Writing: Parla italiano per caso?

I need help!

Writing: Ho bisogno di aiuto

I would like to order a taxi

Writing: Vorrei ordinare un tassì

I would like to exchange money

Writing: Vorrei cambiare dei soldi

How much is the ticket?

Writing: Quanto costa il biglietto?

Can I call you?

Writing: Posso chiamarla?

On the left side

Writing: A sinistra

On the right-hand side

Writing: A destra

I would like to book a room

Writing: Vorrei riservare una camera

Is there a store?

Writing: È qui il negozio?

Personal identification (ID)

Writing: Documento d’identificazione


Writing: Passaporto

Go straight ahead

Writing: Guidate dritto avanti
Rome is the capital of Italy and one of the biggest cities in Europe with a population of about 2,5 million inhabitants.
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