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Stuffed Turkey Rolls

If you don't like to roast the whole turkey you can prepare just white meat which you can stuff and make rolls. I will show you my way of preparing amazing Stuffed Turkey Rolls.

  Author: bole | 1st December 2013 | Difficulty : 2 / 5 |  
Turkey steak
Turkey steak ( 2 piece )
Prosciutto ( 10 dag )
Cheese ( 10 dag )
Red pepper
Red pepper ( 4 pinch )
Salt ( 4 pinch )
Pepper ( 4 pinch )
Rosmary ( 4 pinch )
  Persons : 2 | Preparing: 10 min | Making: 30 min | Cleaning: 5 min

First take steakes, wash them and dry them.


On one steak add 2 piches of red pepper, 2 pinches of salt, 2 piches of pepper and 1 spoon of oil.

On each side add 1 pinch of each ingredient.


Take the steak and add 5 dag of prosciutto.


Add 5 dag of chees.

You can use any cheese you want. I used Edam chees.


Now roll it in a roll and fix the rolls of a turkey with thootpicks that the roll will not fell apart.

Put rolls in a backing tray.


Now put backing tray with rolls into the oven for about 30 minutes at 170 degrees.

After 15 minutes of roasting, turn the rolls around.


When the rolls are roasted, take them out and remove toothpicks.


Enjoy your meal.

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