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Ultra rare bay cat caught on video in Borneo

The slick bay cat is the cat that we know the least about has been captured on a camera in a rain forest of Borneo in Indonesia.

  Author: KimmyK | Source: sci-news.com | 5th November 2013  

I am always experiencing mixed feelings when they spot a rare animal like this beautiful bay cat (Pardofelis badia in Latin). I get instantly excited and happy to witness that there are still these incredible creatures hiding in this difficult to access areas of our planet, but then excitements slowly morphs into skepticism if this really is a good thing to go into the public. But let's remain professional and name some facts of this slick feline.

The super mysterious Bornean cat - as it is also referred to - lives on the island of Borneo in Indonesia. Fully grown adults measure 50 - 60 cm (20 - 23 inch) in length and carry a 30 - 40 cm (12 - 16 inch) long tail. They can weigh over 3.5 kg (7.7 pound).

This elusive cat was photographed for the first time only 10 years ago in 2003. But now wit the help of so called trap cameras, it has been captured on "film" more than ever before.

“We discovered that randomly placed cameras have a big influence on the species recorded,” explained Dr Oliver Wearn from Zoological Society of London and Imperial College London.

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