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Home made potato chips

Did you know, that potato chips were first made in 19th century because people wanted something smaller than French fires.

  Author: NikMan | 19th August 2013 | Difficulty : 2 / 5 |  
  Persons : 1 | Preparing: 5 min | Making: 5 min | Cleaning: 2 min

Take one peace of potato an peal it.

Peal with potato pealer, you will need this tool in next step too.


Then slice the pealed potato with pealer.

You can peal it also with a knife but the slices must be really thin.


Use the paper towel to absorb water from potato.


Take two dcl of oil and put it into a frying pan.


When the oil gets really hot, put pealed potatoes into pan individually.


While frying, mix pealed potatoes so they will roast from both sides.

It should be done in just few minutes.


After that put potato chips into a small container and salt it.


Bon apetit :)

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