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Simple fried chicken fillet recipe

I will show you how easy it is to fry a couple of chicken fillets at the comfort of your own home. If you like chicken, you're going to love this.

  Author: NikMan | 14th April 2013 | Difficulty : 1 / 5 |  
Chicken fillet
Chicken fillet ( 250 g )
Egg ( 2 piece )
Salt ( 5 pinch )
Flour ( 150 g )
Bread crumbs
Bread crumbs ( 200 g )
Oil ( 2 dl )
  Persons : 1 | Preparing: 15 min | Making: 10 min | Cleaning: 10 min

Bring out the the chicken fillets cut them into smaller and thinner pieces then soften them with kitchen hammer a bit.


Crarck 2 eggs onto a plate.


Beat the eggs


While beating add a couple of pinches of salt.

Continue beating until you get a even yellow egg mixture.


Put about 150g of flour into the second plate.


And about 200g of bread crumbs into the the third plate.


Take the fillet and dip into the flour ...

Both sides.


... from flout into the eggs ...

Both sides as well.


... and into the last plate filled with bread crumbs.

Both sides of the fillet should be covered in bread crumbs.


Repeat the last three steps for all your chicken fillets and have them ready to get a final dip into the hot oil.


Put the frying pan on the cooking plate with the highest temperate set.

Pour abour 2 dl of oil (less then a cup) into the pan.


Wait for the oil to reach the frying temperature and carefully put in the chicken fillets.

Put the fillets in before the oil starts smoking. You can put a small piece of the fillet into the pan and if it's start sizzling then the oil is hot enough.


After few minutes turn the fillets over.

You want your fillets to get that delicious golden brown color.


When they are done, put them onto a plate covered with a paper towel which will soak up that extra oil.


Enjoy your very own chicken fillets.

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  Simple fried chicken fillet recipe
Meat dishes | 14th April 2013 | Author: NikMan
I will show you how easy it is to fry a couple of chicken fillets at the comfort of your own home. If you like chicken, you're going to love this.
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