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  Performance Advantage of Portable Crusher
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22nd May 2018, 5:37 AM
Portable crusher plant is a kind of commonly used production equipment, in the lithotripsy production, relative to the traditional equipment, the distinct characteristics of the portable crusher plant are the different mobile performance. It can break the limitation of the site well and have more advantages. Here is a detailed description of the advantages of the machine in the lithotripsy production.

1. high mobility and integrated set of units
The length of the portable crusher plant is short, and the different crushing equipment is installed on the independent movable chassis, with short wheelbase and small turning radius. It can be used flexibly on the ordinary highway and in the operation area. The installation of the integrated unit equipment eliminates the installation of the complex ground foundation infrastructure of the divided components and reduces the material and the material. The time consumption and the reasonable and compact layout of the unit improve the flexibility of the site.

2. the function is direct and effective and the combination is flexible
The integration of the portable crusher plant can be used independently. It can also provide a more flexible process configuration for the material types and product requirements in the process, meet the requirements of the user's mobile breakage and mobile screening, and make the production of organization and logistics more direct and effective, and greatly reduce the input of production. It can not only make up the "first sieving and sieving" according to the different crumb process requirements, but also can form the "first sieving and crushing" process. It can also be combined into two pieces of crushing and screening system according to the actual demand, and can also be combined into three broken and broken screening systems, which are coarse, medium and fine. It can also run independently, with great flexibility and ability. To meet more production needs.

3. high production capacity and low power consumption
In the lithotripsy line, the main engine is driven by the motor and the triangle belt, which makes the parts run in the equipment. After the mass material enters the crushing chamber from the inlet, it is broken by the high-speed moving parts. In this process, the material is broken in circulation, and the quality of the finished product is fine and the quality of the finished product is fine. The machine has larger capacity and lower power consumption in production.

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