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How to check the engine oil level of your car

I will show you how the check the level of motor oil in a car and how to add it the oil need to be refilled.

  Author: mat | Category: Automotive | 9th October 2012 |  

First make sure the engine is cool so don't go checking or refilling the oil right after you came from a drive. Prepare a piece of paper towel and engine oil made for your type of engine or car.

Open the car bonnet.

The hook or switch for opening the bonnet is usually somewhere under the steering wheel on the left.


This is how it looks like in my case.


Open the bonnet, there is usually a security clip under the bonnet at the front, you need to release it first.


Open the bonnet wide and secure it with a stick if the bonnet of your car doesn't stay up by itself.

The security stick is usually at the side, be it left or right.


Locate the engine oil level plug.

It should be yellow or some other color that you can easily spot.


Pull the oil plug out and at the same time use a paper tissue to wipe the dipstick clean as you are pulling out the plug.

Dipstick is attached to the plug and it serves as an oil level measuring device.


The dip stick should be clean and oil free.


Now put the dipstick back the whole way into the engine ...


... and pull it back out again. This time without wiping it.

You should now be able to see the oil level at the bottom of the dipstick.

In my case the level is too low. The oil level should be between the two indicators on the dipstick.


To refill the engine oil. Find the engine oil lid ...


... unscrew ...


.... and open it.


Now poor some oil into the engine.

Again, be sure to have the right type of oil for your type of a car or engine.

Don't pour too much of it, as you can always refill if needed.


Now again, wipe the oil dipstick clean, shove it into the oil level checking hole and pull it out again to see if the level of engine oil is now sufficient.


If your oil level is now just right close the lid otherwise, add some more oil and check the level again.

  How to check the engine oil level of your car
Automotive | 9th October 2012 | Author: mat
I will show you how the check the level of motor oil in a car and how to add it the oil need to be refilled.
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KimmyK, 15th Oct 2012, 2:57 AM
Even a chick could do it
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