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How to create a pie chart in Google Docs spreadsheet

I will show you how easy it is to add a pie or any other kind of chart in Google Documents spreadsheet.

  Author: mat | Version: | 10th August 2012 |  

Go to docs.google.com and enter your Google account username and password.

When there create a new Spreadsheet by clicking Create and Spreadsheet button or open your existing Spreadsheet.

If you are wondering why my Google Docs say Drive and not Docs. It is because I'm using Google Drive service, it doesn't effect the Google Documents it's just a pretty cool Google feature that lets you synchronize your files like documents, images or whatever with your desktop. If you want you activate Google Drive click here for the tutorial.


I'm going to make a chart out of the expenses I've entered.

If your are not sure how to enter data into spreadsheet, click here.


Click the Chart button.


We need to define the data range for our pie chart.

Click the Range button.


To select the range click and hold the mouse button and drag it over the cells you want in your pie chart.

Click OK.


Choose the Pie chart from the suggested charts.

If you want some other type of a chart you can of course choose one.


To change the Pie chart colors and fonts click the Customize tab. You can add the chart title, fonts, colors and such.


When your are satisfied with your pie chart ...


... click insert.


You can place the chart anywhere on your spreadsheet you want. Just hold it at the top and drag and drop it where you want it to be.

And that is all, your first Google Documents pie chart is done.


To edit and change the chart, click the little drop down menu arrow in the right corner of the chart and click Edit chart...

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birdy, 20th Feb 2016, 8:38 PM
The link where you go to 'How to put data into a spreadsheet' doesn't work. Can you please fix it? I need to find this out. It's for homework. thx.
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birdy, 20th Feb 2016, 8:39 PM
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birdy, 20th Feb 2016, 8:55 PM
Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!! VERY HELPFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!
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