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Capture the screen with Snipping Tool

Windows 7 comes with a practical tool for making custom screen shots and saving them into a file.

  Author: mat | Version: | 5th August 2011 |  

Click Start, enter Snipping into Search programs and files and click Snipping Tool under Programs in search results.


A Snipping Tool windows appears and you can start taking screen shots right away.

Click the drop-down arrow next to New button and choose the way you'll be doing the screen shot.

Free-form Snip: you can can mark the area you want to take a screen shot anyway you like, you just draw the are with your mouse.
Rectangular Snip: you can mark the rectangular area using your mouse.
Window Snip: just select the windows you want to capture (you can do the similar by pressing Alt+PrtSc when the window you wan't to capture is active)
Full-screen Snip: like the name says it, it's a screen shot of your entire screen (similar to pressing the PrtSc key)

I'm going to choose the Rectangular Snip.


Click the area where the upper-left corner of the rectangle you are gonna draw will be, hold the mouse button and mark the area of the screen you want to capture then let the mouse button go.


The image of your capture shows up. You can highlight your capture if you want.

Click on the Highlighter.


And highlight the area of your capture.

Click and hold the mouse button when highlighting.


When finished, click on Save button ...

You can also click on Edit and Copy or press Ctrl+C to copy your capture into the clipboard so you can Paste it anywhere you want.


... name the file, choose the file type and click Save.

You capture is now saved on your computer.


If you want to capture some more, just click the New button.

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