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How to resize mutiple photos using Microsoft Office

You don't need Photoshop or some other advanced piece of software to resize a large number of images at once. You can use Microsoft Office Picture Manager which is part of the Office suite.

  Author: TheDude | Version: 2010 | 12th September 2013 |  

Go to the folder containing the images you want to resize.

Right-click one of the images, click Open with and choose...

Also recommended if you want to quickly resize only one image:


...Microsoft Office 2010


In Microsoft Office Picture Manager, enable the Thumbnail View (see picture).


If you want to resize all the images in the folder, simply press Ctrl + A.

If you don't want to resize all of them, hold Ctrl key and select the ones you would like to resize.


In the menu click File and choose Export...


On the right side of the window notice the resize options.

Choose the location where you want to export your images to.

If you don't mind  saving them in the same location as the originals leave it like it is otherwise click Browse... and choose the new location.

You can keep the Original file names, leave it as it is. But let me show you a cool feature where you can rename the new images so they will look neat, especially if the have random names like my original images.

Click Rename...


Enter the common name for the images, enable the Sequential numbers option, choose the number of digits that come after the name and choose the starting number.


So in my case my new files will look like this: Wake01, Wake02, Wake03,....


Now click the back button.


Choose the format you want to export your resized images into.

Usually JPEG.

And choose the new size for the images.

If you want a custom size, then click the Resize... and define the new size.

Click OK.


And voila, brand new resized images await you after the export procedure is finished.

My photos were in a .tif format and as you can see they were huge, some of them close to 100 mb. The new smaller images are much, much smaller in size so you can easily share them via email or any other sharing client out there.

Also recommended:

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NeilBhisma, 22nd Oct 2018, 8:39 AM
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ilarle68119, 28th Apr 2020, 3:29 AM
Great tutorial. Thank you TheDude
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